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pql is an open-source pipelined query language that translates to SQL and is written in Go

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What is pql?

pql is an open-source pipelined query language that compiles to SQL. It's written in Go and released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Why pql?

pql is designed with the Unix philosophy in mind. It's designed to be a small, efficient, and make developing queries simple by piping the result of each statement into the next.

Where's the code?

The pql source code is available on GitHub. You can find it here!

Why did we build pql?

Splunk, Sumologic, and Microsoft all have proprietary languages similar to pql. Open source databases can't compete because they all support SQL. pql is meant to bridge that gap by providing a simple but powerful interface.


The language syntax is based on Microsoft's kql with few exceptions. The following tabular operators are supported:


The following functions are specifically handled. Functions not in this list will be passed through to the underlying SQL engine.